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Natufian facial morphology
Topic Started: Jul 14 2016, 12:10:44 AM (181 Views)
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p. 30
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Since there were already some genetic data, I tried to find out how they looked earlier on. But I still don't know whether they were significantly different from modern SW Asians. I had to give up at this point...

Bar-Yosef: "The Natufian in the southern Levant"
p. 16
- short life spans
- male samples dolichocehalic (72,9)
- female samples mesocephalic (77,8)
=> IMO probably sample bias; people having mixed not unlikely, especially since short life span might have forced people to marry out

I found some more details on these samples measured by Arensburg in a different book:
head: 1895, 1363; 1821, 1385(!)
cheekbones: 1351 (actually relatively broad); 1300
upper face: 669 (low); 628 (low)
nose: 512, 260; 468, 278

=> confirms what I supposed above: since the women are more broad-headed(!) than the men, they are not unlikely to have different ancestry. Further, the noses of the women appear to have been wider than those of the men. However, as Bar-Yosef already indicated, the sample sizes were too small. So updates might confirm, correct and clarify if necessary.

I've been thinking about checking different literature, too. But that wouldn't pay off for me. Maybe someone else will be interested.

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