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Matrifocality among Berbers
Topic Started: May 26 2009, 04:40:52 AM (126 Views)
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Should be mentioned since we came across Berbers a couple of times in this forum. The reason for which I recycled part of this post is that certain topics should IMO be interlinked. (See the key word list at the bottom of this post.)


Murphy 1967: Tuareg Kinship
p. 164: field research in "Tanout and Agades in Niger"; genetic SSA admixture; neighbours: Fulani, Kanuri and Hausa; some Hausa loan words
pp. 164-5: older brother protects younger brother, younger brother respects older brother; "cross-cousins (...) are joking relatives"; relations to paternal relatives described by them similar to that of "most patrilineal Africans": "stern", "forbidding"; apparently, paternal aunts are also called "mothers"; by contrast, maternal relatives enjoy a more positive reputation, the maternal uncle is considered to be a preferable ideal father-in-law because of the positive stereotypes
p. 167: general preference for endogamy (social class, tribe), concretely: preference for cousin marriage
p. 167-8: a very exact degree of endogamy cannot be confirmed because awareness of great-grandparents as such is already weak

Rasmussen 2004: Reflections on Witchcraft, Danger, and Modernity among the Tuareg, p. 327
Polygyny, while still not prevalent among most Tuareg men, nonetheless is becoming more common in semi-sedentarised communities among more prominent chiefs, marabouts, prosperous gardeners and merchants.

key words: Berbers, ethnography, matrifocality, Orientalism, Ouled Daoud, Ouled Nail, sociography, Tuareg
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