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Evolutionary psychology behind rooting for sports teams
Topic Started: Aug 27 2013, 03:45:17 PM (277 Views)
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BIRGing = Basking in Reflected Glory

This seems to be a specific sub-path of the general tribalistic nature/group identification, which on the one hand is necessary for survival in primal environments and on the other comes naturally as human intellectually forms a concept of the greater self (family unit>tribe).
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IMO people joining a sports club is more like "caste-ism" than like "tribalism" because it has a lot to do with the professions and milieus of people.

As far as I remember, I heard that women were by far less into sports just a few decades ago. This meanwhile changed. Plus, the number of sports which are available to potential participants and spectators increased. So most people will possibly belong to kind of loosely defined hobbyist "castes" in the near future.

Of course, sportsmen and (to a lesser extent) their fans first of all subscribe to certain rules of conduct concerning the game itself and the fans who watch the game. But I think that there are selection criteria related to the physiology and temperament of the sportsmen and fans as well. I.e., IMO joining a club is like agreeing to one additional job or like gambling at least: when one chooses the wrong network, one will waste both time and money (like when going to work costs more money than one can earn by doing the job).
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