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Archaeolinguistics: Glimpses of Austro-Asiatic in other languages
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 08:19:15 PM (283 Views)
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the austroasiatics in ancient south china

"The word Ganga itself has long been given an Austro-Asiatic etymology, esp. linking it with southern Chinese kang/kiang/jiang, supposedly also an Austro-Asiatic loan. The latter etymology has recently been abandoned, with the pertinent proto-Austro-Asiatic root being reconstructed as *krang and the Chinese word having a separate Sino-Tibetan origin (vide Zhang Hongming: "Chinese etyma for river", Journal of Chinese Linguistics, Berkeley, Jan. 1998, p.1-47). Witzel now proposes to explain Ganga as "a folk etymology for Munda *gand" (p.388), meaning "river", a general meaning it still has in some IA languages. The folk etymology would be a reduplication of the root *gam/ga, "moving-moving", "swiftly flowing"."


6.7. Pre-IE substratum in Indo-Aryan: "para-Munda"
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I didn't read those texts, just thought you might find them interesting:
Norman and Mei 1976 and a blog review on that particular paper:

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