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Asian American phenotypes
Topic Started: Oct 25 2010, 02:39:59 PM (1,985 Views)
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Far East Movement - first Asian group to make it big in American music

Kev Nish (Chinese/Japanese American)
Posted Image

Prohgress (Korean American)
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J-Splif (Korean American)
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DJ Virman (Filipino American)
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DJ Virmin is closer to the Chinese phenotype (more "Negroid" hehe).
Compare the "Altaics above with Jin.
DJ Virmin and Jin are closer to each other in phenotype.
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Ironically, the ideal self-image used by Chinese who are anti-Korean/Japanese to compare with extreme, distorted Koreans/Japanese.. that ideal is itself found more among Koreans and Japanese than Chinese.

Also, as always, I feel black man is part of this Chinese phenomenon of mis-attributing/appropriating or even stealing Korean/Japanese phenotype to make it Chinese while relegating Koreans/Japanese to some extreme stereotype. The same type of phenomenon can be seen with Vietnamese doing it to Chinese.
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Iím guessing you mustíve changed your mind by now and realised that most Chinese Americans have been southerners hence why they look closer to Southeast Asians but there are lots of North-Asian-looking Chinese from the rest of China. I donít prefer Koreans and Japanese to Chinese anyway as I find their Altaic-looking features too sharp for me whereas Chinese in period dramas for example are more moderately-shaped. Beauty is all a matter of perspective and comfort hey as well as fashion.

This is also why I donít consume Korean/Japanese media.
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