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Hmong-Mien/Miao-Yao mtDNA haplogroups
Topic Started: Jan 30 2008, 06:43:21 AM (748 Views)
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9.5% do not fit the known East Eurasian lineages at the time of the study. These M*, N*, R* could either be new branches of old haplogroups, or local lineages before the arrival of "East Eurasian" lineages from further north. I haven't had time to check out if the motifs fit haplogroups now known, but Ibra, if you are interested, you could look it up. That would also add some life to this forum.
Of the 537 mtDNAs found in H-M, 9.5% (42 M*, 1
N*, and 11 R*) cannot be assigned to the presently defined
haplogroups. Three M* mtDNAs share the HVS1 haplotype
16111162231623516362, a motif that is also
found in two Zhuang samples (Yao et al. 2002b). The
motif 161921622316292, an analog of west Euroasian
haplogroup W, is observed in four M* samples, but it has
not been seen in other East Asia populations. Ten Miao
M* samples share the motif 16093162231631116362
16381. This haplotype is very rare in other populations
except for Naxi (Wen et al. 2004a), where its frequency is
considerable (9%). Four R* mtDNAs carry both the
1618916311 motif and 10394 DdeI1. More effort is
required to characterize these haplotypes.

p. 4 Genetic Structure of Hmong-Mien Speaking Populations in East Asia as
Revealed by mtDNA Lineages
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Ten Miao M* samples share the motif 1609316223163111636216381.

1-Taiwanese -Sinitic
Horai et al. 1996
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Thanks, manju.

Ancient DNA Evidence Supports the Contribution of Di-Qiang People to the Han Chinese Gene Pool by Zhao Yong-bin et al. (2010), figure 4:
- A: HM share haplotypes with Tai-Kadai but not with STs
- B5: some HM in or close to the TK star cluster, others in a double star cluster with almost exclusively HM and ST samples, northern Han B5 samples are rare and usually closest to southern Han ones => do some southern Han variants have HM background?


Lao Cai Hmong mtDNA hg profile:

A: 7
B: 48
C: 14
D: 8
F: 18
M9b: 1
M12a1: 2
M61: 1
M74: 5
N9a10: 10
R9: 1

Pischedda et al. 2017: "Phylogeographic and genome-wide investigations of Vietnam ethnic groups reveal signatures of complex historical demographic movements"
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