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Sexual dimorphism in Taiwanese aborigines
Topic Started: Jul 11 2018, 10:18:21 AM (14 Views)
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Body height didn't play any big role concerning sexual dimorphism among Taiwanese aboriginal according to Chai Chenkang's data. However, there were at least four potentially noteworthy patterns considering facial size (as estimated by facial width when multiplied with morphological facial height) and torso shape:

- in the matrilineal Ami and the patrilineal Saisiyat there was an increased sexual dimorphism as for facial size but both sexes had relatively "rectangular" torsos
- in the bilateral Paiwan and the patrilineal Tsou sexual dimorphism was moderate concerning facial size and intermediate concerning torso shape
- in the Atayal, who lived in small-scale patrilineal/bilateral communities, facial sizes of both sexes were relatively similar and torso shapes relatively "V"-shaped in both sexes
- in the strictly patrilineal Bunun the dissimilarity between facial sizes was intermediate and both sexes had relatively wide hips

Chai Chenkang 1967

As you can guess, mate selection criteria might have played different roles. But which ones?

Some more information:
- although genetic lineages, facial shapes and traditional social organisation indicate possibly rather different backgrounds as for Saisiyat and Ami, they do seem to have in common that faces of men in their communities tend to be by far larger than those of women according to Chai's data.
- Tsou and Paiwan had strong collective identities according to literature. So courtship by guys too young to judge anything might not have been necessary and parental judgment might have sufficed.
- Atayal communities seem to have fostered the idea of small-scale families having stayed relatively independent. In this sense, high levels of mutual understanding and athletic build might have been among the features could have been preferred features.
- the Bunun appear to have been relatively much like Han Chinese in terms of emphasis on patrilineal identities. So updates concerning data from studies on Han Chinese communities might be of interest.
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