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N-F2905+, F2930+ etc
Topic Started: Jun 26 2018, 09:26:11 PM (27 Views)
black man
The Right Hand
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1) CTS12473+

unknown downstream markers if any: "GRC" number from China
M1897+ plus unknown downstream markers if any: "GRC" number from China
M1897+, CTS4714+: "ERR1019039" https://www.yfull.com/samples-from-paper/3/ aka HGDP01344: Nakhi
M1897+, CTS4714+, F2407+, Y24190+: GRC numbers from China and Japan associated with B531+ and B530+ respectively by Ilumae et al. 2016
M1897+, CTS4714+, F2407+, F1486+, unknown downstream markers if any: "HG04015" (from a Telugu-speaking community according to most sources but from Arunachal Pradesh according to the yfull tree)
M1897+, CTS4714+, F2407+, F1486+, 1812+: 4 "GRC" samples from China, 1 Kinh sample, 1 Beijing Han sample

Note that the "GRC" samples seem to be Han according to fig. 1 of Ilumae et al. 2016. And their downstream markers can be seen in the yfull tree as well as deduced from fig. S2 and table S6 of Ilumae et al. 2016.

Hu Kang et al. 2015: "The dichotomy structure of Y chromosome Haplogroup N"
Ilumae et al. 2016: "Human Y Chromosome Haplogroup N"; doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2016.05.025
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