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Two Basal Models for Eurasian Population History
Topic Started: May 26 2018, 11:04:30 AM (37 Views)
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Model 1: 0 ghost populations, 2 hypothetical admixture events
1. Eurasian branching into only West Eurasian and East Eurasian (ENA), with no necessity for Basal Eurasian because
2. Ust-Ishim (assumed as Early E. Eurasian) and Tianyuan mix, can't represent one phenomenon because Tianyuan doesn't share much drift with Ust-Ishim
3. Resultant population mixes into West Eurasian

Model 2: 1 ghost population, 2 hypothetical admixture events
1. Eurasian branching into Basal and Crown Eurasian first,
2. Then Crown breaks into East and West
3. Basal admixes into West
4a. Another Ghost population admixes into both Goyet and Tianyuan (unnecessary because East Asian statistically appears to be an admixture of Tianyuan with Hoabinhian)
4b. Tianyuan admixes into Goyet-116

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