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Edo period Hokkaidou "Ainu" mtDNA hg profiles
Topic Started: Dec 22 2017, 04:40:46 PM (82 Views)
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samples from the "Usu4" site and other sites in the region of the same bay (n=37):
Y1: 12=32,4%
N9b1: 5=13,5%
D4a1: 4=10,8%
2=5,4%: A5c, C5a2b, D4b2, D4o1, F1b1a and M7b1a1a1 each
1=2,7%: D4e, G1b*, M7a1a7 and Z1a each

southwestern coastal samples (n=11):
Y1: 3=27,3%
1=9,1%: A5a, D4a1, D4e, M7a2a1, M7b1a1a1, M9a1a, N9a and N9b1 each

samples from Toei site in the middle part of southern coastal Hokkaidou (n=32):
Y1: 15=46,9%
N9b1: 12=37,5%
G1b*: 4=12,5%
A5c: 1=3,1%

samples from northern coastal Hokkaidou including Rebun island (n=7):
A5c: 3=42,9%
1=14,3%: D4a1, D4h1, G1b1 and M7a2a each

Adachi et al. 2017: "Ethnic derivation of the Ainu inferred from ancient mitochondrial DNA data"
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