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Y hg Q in Indo-Iranic-speakers
Topic Started: Oct 27 2017, 12:51:38 PM (94 Views)
black man
The Right Hand
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We already mentioned M25+ and M378+ branches elsewhere. AFAIK, there are no big news as for them in the context of their spread among Indo-Iranic-speakers. Only a minor update concerning M346+ and what IMO appears to be M346+ (in one Indian Jat population)...

All in all, there are AFAIK no big news. According to Huang et al. 2017, Q-M346+ could be relatively important as for Iranic-speakers. However, the hts (brown dots) in their MJN are just minor when compared with the North Asian ones. In the context of urban Persian and Tajik sociography that will probably indicate a lack of information since there is no big continuous patrilocal predominance of the according lineages. However, according to Mahal and Matsoukas, 47/302=15,6% of the Jat samples of the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project must be in hg Q. Maybe genealogical research in that particular population could shed some more light on the backgrounds of y hg Q in Indo-Iranic-speakers.

Huang Yunzhi et al. 2017: "Dispersals of the Siberian Y‑chromosome haplogroup Q in Eurasia"; doi: 10.1007/s00438-017-1363-8
Mahal and Matsoukas 2017: "Y-STR Haplogroup Diversity in the Jat Population Reveals Several Different Ancient Origins"

Correct me if necessary (especially in case that Jat M242+ turns out to be M346-). Then I'll edit this post.
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