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Ethnolinguistics & Ethnology

Regular Forum East Asian agricultural dispersal language families Kayue-derived autosomal genetic cluster am… Aug 14 2018, 05:09:46 PM, By black man
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Regular Forum Eastern Steppe & Boreal Sprachbund Bonan y hg and mtDNA hg profiles Aug 16 2018, 12:47:12 AM, By Ebizur
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Regular Forum southern coastal dispersal language families
Jomon-Ainu continuum
Joumon people of the Ikawazu kaizuka site Jul 9 2018, 05:17:42 PM, By black man
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Regular Forum Indo-European - Uralic - Yukaghir - Eskimo-Aleut continuum
Indo-European seems to have attributes shared with both NW Caucasian and Uralic on a proto-language level. Some linguists explain this as Indo-European being almost like a mixed language with a component A that is basic and a component B that is less basic but still form part of the core language.
Armenian origins Aug 18 2018, 02:38:04 PM, By ren
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Regular Forum Paleo-Siberian, Beringian, & Amerind language families Links between Yeniseians and Okunev people? Jul 25 2018, 04:19:59 PM, By black man
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